Tournament Review: Top Deck Games 7.12 1850

Hey all, Son of Adam here from MasterCraft Gaming with a review of the 40k tournament out at top deck games in New Jersey.


A bunch of the guys from Stomping Grounds were invited to come and bulk up the event there and Vanguard and I decided to join them.  Top Deck was a nice store that supports tabletop, card, and video games.  It was a real clean place in a nice town and had some very friendly TO’s.  The event was three rounds at 1850 and used all of the new rules from 6thedition.  Overall all of us at Stomping Grounds really enjoyed it. 

Awesome converted Orks


The first mission was “The Relic” with “Dawn of War” deployment and was randomly paired off.  I played my Saim-Hann Eldar against a Will’s Draigowing army.  Will was a real nice fella and tons of fun to play against (we got done so early that we played a second game for kicks).  I got first turn and jumped some guardian jetbikes up to the relic and slowly pulled it into my corner.  Then I baited with rangers on one side and the council zooming over to the other.  He took the bait and chased both of these.  The council took its side and the rangers got curb stomped by Draigo and Boys.  In the end I held the relic and had first blood and linebreaker and Will didn’t manage to score any. 


The second match was “The Emperor’s Will” with “Hammer and Anvil” deployment, against Rob’s Dark Eldar.  Rob had a nice mix of units with the Baron and the Duke.  He managed first turn and went to work on the ranger/pathfinders.  He gave me first blood by running his jetbikes over one squad and leaving them close to my flame templates.  After loosing all of his scoring units, Rob made a real solid comeback and nearly killed all of mine as well.  In the end I had 4 ranger/pathfinders and one running jetbike, but one of the pathfinders was on the objective that would have been contested by several venoms had it been 5th.  In the end it was a well fought game against a great opponent, but net me another win. 

Chaos rhino


For the final matchup I played John’s Ork/Cron list.  He had a real beefy squad of Nob Bikers with some boys squads and two scythes.  The last mission was “Big Guns Never Tire” with “Vanguard” deployment.  I ended up not getting a single power I wanted and a useless warlord trait.  We both danced around for the first two turns.  He stayed out of range of the snipers and our deathstars were moving around trying to get position on one another.  I ended up tag teaming his nobz when they were stretched out with a squad of boyz and make the nobz run off the table.  John then crushed the council under the weight of two boyz squads, and our secondary units fought it out for objectives.  In the end I had first blood, linebreaker, kill the warlord, and 2 objectives, while John had linebreaker, kill the warlord and one objective giving me the last win. 

Space Wolves drop pod army


All said and done everyone seemed to have a great time, and got some great experience in 6th edition.  Dan, a great player I learned the game from, won best painted and the top 3 were all from Stomping Grounds.  Vanguard himself had a victorious day pulling out third and I was lucky enough to get the top seat.


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About Son of Adam

I am a 40k player and have been since the time of third edition. My first love, and presently an unfortunate one at that, is the Tau. In 4th edition I began a modest IG army, and then started a small yet growing Grey Knight trophy army in 5th. In the recent past, I have succumbed to the desire to play Eldar; that same alluring desire of precision in play, and artistic gracefulness of modeling that many 40k players always seem to toy with. I am finding this last army to be very challenging and enjoyable. My involvement with the hobby is as an appreciator of much of the fluff, an admirer and novice in the art of modeling, and an enjoyer of the game.

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  1. Good job! 🙂

    Could you post the Draigowing list for me please? Always curious ;). Do you think Draigowing of any kind still is competitive in 6th?


    • Newt. I don’t have the list on me, but he took Draigo, a libby, two beefy paladin squads with the mixin’s, and two psyrifledreads.

      I do think that Draigowing has a place in competitive play. As a matter of fact, I took a Draigowing army against the Dark Eldar, for the battle report you were asking for. (Sorry, even though I managed a win, we weren’t able to make a video from it. Life gets in the way. I will get one in for you at some point soon).

    • The internet coimtnmuy is small in size when compared to the rest of the 40k player base and they tend to make up for it by being load. Within there is small group of individuals who only want to win and will only be happy if a codex can be broken. Keep an eye out on The Chaos Manifesto as my Sunday Best (themed top x) will be show cases Necron related posts that have a positive outlook on the codex.

  2. No problem 😉

    Draigowing gainst DE sounds interesting. Usually you have so much lances and stuff gainst you. Any chance for your list? 😀
    Maybe you can make a list build article about draigowings someday?! 🙂

    Keep it up!


    • I took two storm ravens, Draigo, two dreadknights w/teleporters and flamers, a ten man terminator squad, two single man paladin squads, and a vindcare. This is not the most competitive list, and is not true Draigowing, but it is what I had painted.

      Maybe this week I will try to put together some sort of GK list building article for Draigo. No promises, but I’ll try to get something in here.

      Thanks again.


  3. Yeah would be great. 🙂
    I really like Draigowing concept but havent tried it yet. I m curious how u would build a “competitive” Army at ~1900 points. 😉

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