Tournament Review: Stomping Grounds 8.12 2k

 Hey guys, Son of Adam here from MasterCraft Gaming to give you another tournament review.  This last weekend I attended a tournament at Stomping Grounds Games and Hobbies out in Warminster PA.  At the forefront, I apologize for the lack of pictures, I was the only one from MasterCraft to go to the event and I only have my phone camera (plus I forgot to take pics with it).

It was a great event for this new store.  They were setup to accommodate 32 players and had the event fully catered with some great food that was available all day.  There were three missions that were NOVA-like with some small changes and 2000 points per side with all new rules except a limit on fortifications due to size.   

Yes I’m recycling an older image but this is part of the council that I brought to the event and I need at least one picture to feel ok about myself. (I forgot to take pictures while there).


I brought an Eldar list that I have been trying to hone for NOVA and got matched up against a very shooty Dark Eldar army played by Larry in the first match.  He was a very friendly guy and had a nice yellow/black color scheme for his army.  The mission was: Primary-Quarters, Secondary-Objectives, and Tertiary-KP’s, with a Dawn of War deployment.  The game ended with me trying to catch up to his fliers in order to contest them for quarters, but I ended up with the win.

My second match was against an eldar played by Timmy.  He took the current net list with two full wraitguard squads, a seer council, eldrad, and three wraithlords.  The missions was: P-Objectives, S-Quarters, and T-KP’s with a Vanguard deployment.  This match was a real slugfest.  Most of both Timmy and my armies were whitled down by the end, but my punny little scoring units ended up killing his little scoring units to net the win. 

The final match was against Frank from Ice House Warriors with his IG and demons allies.  The mission was: P-KP’s, S-Objectives, T-Quarters with a Hammer and Anvil deployment.  He really put the hurt on all my force, but the council ended up holding out and the game came down to the secondary objective which I held. 

All in all it was a great time and a lot of fun.  All the guys I played against were fair, challenging, and fun to play.  I’m looking forward to the next event they hold. 

I ended up getting interviewed by 11th company podcasts afterwards!  I will be putting up the link when they publish it.

About Son of Adam

I am a 40k player and have been since the time of third edition. My first love, and presently an unfortunate one at that, is the Tau. In 4th edition I began a modest IG army, and then started a small yet growing Grey Knight trophy army in 5th. In the recent past, I have succumbed to the desire to play Eldar; that same alluring desire of precision in play, and artistic gracefulness of modeling that many 40k players always seem to toy with. I am finding this last army to be very challenging and enjoyable. My involvement with the hobby is as an appreciator of much of the fluff, an admirer and novice in the art of modeling, and an enjoyer of the game.

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  1. Good job man! 🙂

    But we really need more detailed reports from NOVA 😛
    Take notes or smthg. 😉


    • Haha alright. I’m going to another tournament this week and I will try to remember to take some pics. Maybe I will right up more detail reports from this one, just to test it out and see how people like it.

  2. The website that I was telling you about earlier for the flightstand is

    • Thanks man. Good game the other day. I’m going to have a tourney review for that one up here sometime this week.
      I’ll probably get some of those if I ever get around to making that harlequin bike army, Keep me up on how your bikes are coming along.
      I’ll see you down at NOVA.

  3. Interesting battle report and congrats on the win! Could you please give further details about your army list? I listened to your interview on the 11th Company but the list you gave seems closer to 1500 than 2K. I am particularly curious about your use of the 2 Swooping Hawks units.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Jack.

      Sure, I took a 12 man jet-council, two guardian jetbike squads, 4 sniper squads, and I think there was one or two small hawks squads. I wouldn’t be supprised if I was playing points down, it wouldn’t be the first time.

      I like the hawks, sometimes I think it’s due to the fact that nobody else does. They do have some tactical purposes, but for the most part they don’t kill much. I’ll try to do a more thorough strategy write up for these guys after NOVA. Time has been a little tight lately, and I have a lot of modelling to get done.

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