The team here at MasterCraft Gaming came together to offer what we have to the 40k community, in whatever small ways we can.  We hope to provide sound strategic advice, high quality video and images of our mutually beloved game in action, and some helpful and inspiring painting tips. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see changed or new.  We are always happy to see your comments, and remember to like us on face book, follow our blog, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Thanks and welcome to MasterCraft Gaming.

-The MasterCraft Team

  1. Hey, This is Mike, nice job on the site. Especially the pictures and videos. Something to point out. When I liked this page on facebook, It does not display the website, just the “about” page and has no picture. It is no bother to me, but it may help grab people’s attention if they saw more about the site upfront.

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