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GT Victories for the Eldar

Hey all Son of Adam here again.  I have been off the blogging scene for a while and, with some technical errors and time requirements have not produced any visual content for you all.  However, my hobby has continued on and, at the request of a fellow hobbyist, I have decided to update you on some of the tournament success that I have been able to achieve during my absence from the virtual world.

     I have participated in several tournaments during this time, made a few guest appearances on 11th company podcasts, and started a new army.  However, I will only discuss two GTs that I have attended in this post.

     The first of which was the Battle for Salvation GT up in New York.  This was a 60 some person tournament, for six rounds, over the course of two days.  I brought a similar Eldar/Dark Eldar list as I brought to NOVA.  It had:

My invisi-council

2 squads of 3 guardian jetbikes                                                                                      

2 Squads of rangers                                                   

Swooping Hawks                                                                            

Aegis defense line with a quad-gun       

the duke and                             

20 warriors

     I had a great time at this event, with all thanks to the Battle for Salvation gaming club for putting it on.  For the first round I played against a fella named James, who has a blog which can be found here.  James was running a mix between horde orks, battlewagons, and dakka jets.  James was a great sport and a fun guy to play against.  I tried to pull off some Eldar shenanigans and the dice weren’t with me.  Eventually boyz overwhelmed my council and I was left with my weak troops, and the dark eldar.  I was able to maintain points and stay alive long enough to make it a very close game.  In the end I was able to win on KP’s while almost being tabled.

     The second round was against a great player, and accomplished GT winner, Nick N.  (I don’t know how to spell his last name and would like not to butcher it here in any attempt to recreate it).  Nick’s army was a very sound Tyranid list with a lot of monstrous creatures and lots of guants.  He was also running several squads of zoanthropes for psychic powers.  My advantage was in the ever humble runes of warding.  After hurting many of his models from perils Nick ended up giving up on the effort to cast powers and played the army straight.  After the council lost combat one round, it broke.  This ended up in the end giving me the win as I was able to regroup in my turn and get a round of shooting off that crippled his army.  In the end Nick played a great game but I was able to get the win.

     The third round was against a very similar Tyranid army as played by the NOVA commander himself, Mike Brandt.  In this mission I gave Mike first turn and after he deployed laterally, I refuse flank deployed and was able to isolate half of his army simply with range.  I used my full force on a limited amount of his, and I was in the end just able to get to some objectives to claim the victory.  Mike was very sporting about it, and had a very nicely painted and presented army.  As a sign of good sportsmanship he gave me a KR Multi-case dice tray (which I still use, thanks by the way).

     The fourth round was against a nice fella from CT (my apologies, it has been quite a while and I have forgotten his name).  The mission was objectives and he was playing my armies hard counter, old demons.  I bundled up in the corner of the table and tried to castle in such a way as to deny as much of the incoming damage as I could.  However, his forces proved too strong.  Too much damage was done by his alpha strike for me to deal out enough to stay alive.  After some fighting I lost the castle.  However, the council was able to manipulate the table enough to get some positioning, and I was able to tie on KPs, tie on table quarters, and then win by a small margin on objectives.

     The fifth match was against a Necron/ Grey Knight list, as piloted by Eric Hoeger.  Eric and I have met a few times now at the tournament scene and every match has been a challenge.  We have grown to respect and appreciate each other’s ability.  In this match I was able to keep mobility on Eric and win on table quarters.  He deep struck a full squad of wraiths in front of my Warriors squad, and I was able to kill enough of them to deny them any effect in the game, and his other full squad of wraith scattered and misshaped to their deaths.  With the extra weight of my army I was able to defensively lean on Eric and pull out the win.

     The sixth and final match was on table one against Team America’s own, Andrew Gonyo.  He was running a GK/Guard mix, and a very shooty one at that.  Andrew went first and shot 6 or so pysbolt razorbacks into my council before I could get fortune up and dropped 4 or so.  In my turn I was able to put a bunch of rending wounds on his dreadknight, which he managed not to take any wounds from.  At that point the game was near its end.  Andrew was able to take the extra weight he had and lean on me for the rest of the game.  I tried some risky maneuvers and was able to, with Eldar shenanigans, cut down his blob squad and contest a bunch of objectives.  But, in the end, sound play and some good fortune won the day for Andrew.

     I was able to win second to one at this GT and won a very fancy cup trophy.


BFS Trohphy

BFS Trohphy

The second GT that I want to more quickly review is the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre GT.  This GT had 42 players and ran 5 rounds over the course of two days.  This was a very fun event, with free food all day, and some great looking trophies.

     I was taking a new Eldar/IG army, which had an IG blob with two Demolishers to compliment my Eldar force.  The first game I played was against a fella named Tim with Sisters and Palladins.  He shot down a bunch of my council, which caused me to retreat.  Fortunately I was able to wipe his paladins with my demolishers and keep my distance from his guns in order to get more KP’s and win the match.

     The second match was against a nice Beltway Gamer name Duncan.  He was sporting a very shooty Space Wolves army.  In this match I was able to tie up or kill all of his scoring units with the council and kept the objectives open for my mobile scoring units in order to get the win.

     The third match was against an Ork/IG army general led by a fella name Paul.  In this match I used a sort of refuse flank deployment in order to bait Paul towards my council long enough to fly them away to the other side of the table.  With this I was able to apply all of my force on half of his in order to win on victory points.

     The forth match was against the same James that I play first round at BFS.  He was running a fast assault Chaos list with Ork allies.  In this match I was able to pull off more Eldar shenanigans to get a tag-team combat and kill his spawn squad with typhus.  I was then able to lean on him with the extra weight to win the objective.

      The last match was a rematch of the same event the year before, and it was against none other than my rival, Eric Hoeger (Yes the same guy as in the semi-finals of BFS).  Eric was running a similar list to James, but it was pure Chaos.  This match was the relic, and Eric grabbed it first as he had first turn.  I shot his unit down, but couldn’t grab the relic.  He then charged my council with nearly his entire army.  He was also able to pick up the relic with some plague marines and charge in as well.  For the next 5 turns or so, I sent all of my spare precision strikes into the one guy holding the relic.  Eventually he died and dropped it.  The game ended with a tie on the primary, while I won on the secondary.

     That gave me first place at this GT and a really fancy trophy.


Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed.  If you have any comments, or anything that you would like to hear some strategy about post below.  If I have the time I will respond, or create a post to respond to your questions.


6th Ed Battle Report: Eldar vs Necron Air Force


Hey guys it’s finally here.  Check out this latest report between the invisi-council and the cron air force.  I don’t have Jessie’s list anymore so I used an approximate one until I can get another copy.

Here they are:

Eldar list:
HQ: Farseer on Jetbike with Stones, Runes of Wit, Runes of Ward, Fortune, Doom.
HQ: 10 Warlocks on Jetbikes with 8 destructors, 1 enhance, 1 embolden
HQ: Farseer on Jetbike with Stones, Runes of Wit, ES, MW, Doom, Guide
Troops: 10 Pathfinders
Troops: 10 Pathfinders
Troops: 10 Pathfinders
Troops: 3 Guardian Jetbikes
Troops: 3 Guardian Jetbikes
F.A.: 5 Swooping Hawks with Exarch and skyleap
Fort: Aegis w/Comm-link

Necron List (I lost the copy that Jesse gave me so this is approximate until I can get another one)
HQ: Anarkyr
HQ: Overloard with Mindashackle, Res Orb, Phylacktery, 2+, 3+, warscythe
Chrono-tek, haywaire-tek x3
Troops: 5 Warriors in a night scythe
Troops: 5 Warriors in a night scythe
Troops: 5 Warriors in a night scythe
Troops: 10 Immortals
Troops: 10 Immortals
HS: Doom Scythe
HS: Doom Scythe
HS: Doom Scythe
HQ: Rune Priest
Troops: 5 Grey Hunters w/plasma


Enjoy.  Let us know if there are any things that we should do differently.  By the way we left out music this time because there was the smallest favor for leaving it out, if you want it back or are glad its gone, please leave a comment so that we know whether to change it back or leave it.  Thanks all.


Battle Report Teaser: Eldar vs Necron Air Force

Hey all, themightysquig here with another Battle Report Teaser. This week, Son of Adam’s Eldar took on Jesse’s Necron Flyer list. Flyers have become a dominant force in the 6th Edition and are expected to be a popular choice at NOVA.  However, SoA thinks that his Eldar army is built to withstand even the toughest flyer list.  With the tournament  just a week away, they decided to put this theory to the test in a NOVA primer match. Can Jesse’s Necrons crush SoA’s Eldar? Can SoA’s list really handle that much firepower? You’ll have to wait for the next battle report to find out! Until then, enjoy these photos from the battle!

Necron Immortals take position near an objective.

Eldar Pathfinder finds a good vantage point in the center ruin.

A squad of Pathfinders infiltrates on an objective.

Snipers fill the middle ruin, giving them sight and range to the whole table.

Council flies over the crest to pursue the Space Wolf allies.

Necron Doom Scythe takes aim at the Pathfinders

Necron Air force covers the table with little fear of return fire.

Death Rays tear through the council every turn.

The Doom Scythe snipes out some jetbikes with its Death Ray.

Battle Report: Eldar vs Space Wolves with Grey Knight Allies (2k)

Space Wolf Army:
Rune Priest in Terminator Armour, Talisman, Jaws, Living Lightning
Rune Priest in Terminator Armour, Jaws, Hurricane
10 Grey Hunters, 2 Plasma Guns, Drop Pod
10 Grey Hunters, 2 Plasma Guns, Drop Pod
10 Grey Hunters, 2 Melta Guns, Drop Pod
8 Grey Hunters, Plasma Gun, Drop Pod
8 Grey Hunters, Plasma Gun, Drop Pod
6 Long Fangs, 3 Missile, 2 Las
6 Long Fangs, 3 Missile, 2 Las
6 Long Fangs, 4 Missile, 1 Las
10 Grey Knights, 2 Psycannons, 1 Hammer

Saim Hann Eldar Army:
Farseer, Jetbike, Fortune, Doom, Stones, Runes of Wit, Runes of Ward
8 Warlocks on bikes, 3 Spears, 4 Destructors, 1 Enhance, 1 Embolden
Farseer, Jetbike, Mind War, Eldrich Storm, Guide, Doom, Stones, Runes of Wit.
5 Pathfinders
5 Pathfinders
10 Pathfinders
10 Pathfinders
3 Guardian Jetbikes w/Cannon
3 Guardian Jetbikes w/Cannon
7 Fire Dragons, 1 Exarch w/Crack shot, Tank Hunters, Wave Serpent w/Shuriken Cannon

Quick note: kelstertgo from youtube pointed out that you cannot charge from reserves.  We were playing it only from outflank and deep strike, but we ended up playing this wrong.  Thanks to him for pointing that out for us.  So, make sure not to play it that way.  One of the many subtle changes in 6th.

Thanks to Incompetek for the music.

Son of Adam is featured in the 11th Company Podcast

Hey all, Son of Adam got interviewed in the 11th Company Podcast! Click here to check it out! Fast forward to about 1:36:33  in episode 130 to jump right to the interview!

Tournament Review: Stomping Grounds 8.12 2k

 Hey guys, Son of Adam here from MasterCraft Gaming to give you another tournament review.  This last weekend I attended a tournament at Stomping Grounds Games and Hobbies out in Warminster PA.  At the forefront, I apologize for the lack of pictures, I was the only one from MasterCraft to go to the event and I only have my phone camera (plus I forgot to take pics with it).

It was a great event for this new store.  They were setup to accommodate 32 players and had the event fully catered with some great food that was available all day.  There were three missions that were NOVA-like with some small changes and 2000 points per side with all new rules except a limit on fortifications due to size.   

Yes I’m recycling an older image but this is part of the council that I brought to the event and I need at least one picture to feel ok about myself. (I forgot to take pictures while there).


I brought an Eldar list that I have been trying to hone for NOVA and got matched up against a very shooty Dark Eldar army played by Larry in the first match.  He was a very friendly guy and had a nice yellow/black color scheme for his army.  The mission was: Primary-Quarters, Secondary-Objectives, and Tertiary-KP’s, with a Dawn of War deployment.  The game ended with me trying to catch up to his fliers in order to contest them for quarters, but I ended up with the win.

My second match was against an eldar played by Timmy.  He took the current net list with two full wraitguard squads, a seer council, eldrad, and three wraithlords.  The missions was: P-Objectives, S-Quarters, and T-KP’s with a Vanguard deployment.  This match was a real slugfest.  Most of both Timmy and my armies were whitled down by the end, but my punny little scoring units ended up killing his little scoring units to net the win. 

The final match was against Frank from Ice House Warriors with his IG and demons allies.  The mission was: P-KP’s, S-Objectives, T-Quarters with a Hammer and Anvil deployment.  He really put the hurt on all my force, but the council ended up holding out and the game came down to the secondary objective which I held. 

All in all it was a great time and a lot of fun.  All the guys I played against were fair, challenging, and fun to play.  I’m looking forward to the next event they hold. 

I ended up getting interviewed by 11th company podcasts afterwards!  I will be putting up the link when they publish it.

Battle Report: Eldar (Saim Hann) vs Space Marines (Salamanders) w Blood Angel Allies (1500pts)

Check this out guys.  I match up against Paul over at “For Holy Terra.”  We played mission 5 for those of you that remeber that strategy post, you can see it played out in action.  If you have some ideas for more reports let us know.  Any other armies you want to see played, just post below.

Check back soon for a strategy discussion video about this match.  I will sit down and give you guys some commentary about how I decided to go about playing the game and the strategy that I had in mind.

Thanks to incompetek for the soundtrack.

Here is the Salamanders with Blood Angels army list.

HQ – Pedro Kantor

Troops – 5x Scouts w/Telion, 3x Sniper Rifles & Missile Launcher

Troops – 5x Scouts, Sergeant w/Sniper Rifle, 3x Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher, Camo Cloaks

Elites – 10x Sternguard, Sergeant w/ Power Fist & Combi-Melta, 2x Meltaguns, Combi-Melta, Combi-Flamer in Drop Pod

Elites – 5x Sternguard, Sergeant w/ Combi-Flamer, 2x Meltaguns in Drop Pod

Allies: Blood Angels

HQ – Librarian

Troops – 10x Assault Marines, Sergeant w/Power Fist, 2x Meltaguns, Jump Packs

Heavy Support – 10x Devastators, 4x Missile Launchers in Drop Pod

Here was my list:

H.Q.:  Farseer, Stones, Jetbike, Fortune, Doom
H.Q.:  Farsser, Stones, Jetbike, Mind War, Storm, Guide
          8 Warlock on bikes with 1 enhance, 1 embolden, 4 destructors

Elites: 6 Fire Dragons, 1 Exarch w/ tank hunters, crack shot
           Wave serpent w/ Shuriken cannon, spirit stones

Troops:  5 man Rangers x 3 (forgot I payed for the pathfinder upgrade on these guys)
Troops: 3 man Guardian Jetbike with cannon x 2

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Army Showcase: Paul’s Salamanders w/ Blood Angels

Hey all, themightysquig here bringing you another army showcase. Today we’re looking at some beautiful Space Marine and Blood Angel models.  Paul brought this army to take on Son of Adam in our most recent battle report. You can see photos of this army in action in our latest batrep teaser.

Two pieces that I like the most out of this army are the scouts and the assault marines.  The camouflage cloaks that the scouts are wearing look amazing in forest terrain, while the assault marines just look really boss. But that’s enough talking for me – take a look at this pics!

Snipers with great camo scheme.

Converted Librarian

Beautiful Salamander tactical squad.

Great detail on the sergeant and his banner.

Salamanders proudly don the name of their forgefather.

Assault marines painted well on some resin bases.

Special thanks to Stomping Grounds for letting us take pictures in their store.

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Army Showcase: Space Wolves

Hey all, themightysquig here showing off some more really well painted models.  This army showcase is of our buddy Steve’s custom Space Wolves army.  He custom made these guys to be chaos space wolves and I think they turned out great.  I grabbed a few shots of this army in action, but I wanted to get a few posed shots so we could get a better look at them. Enjoy!

Thunderwolf Lord with wolves.

This guy looks boss and tanked it for his squad in the game.

Grey hunter with a standard

This was his rune priest/scorcerer

Grey hunter with the Mark of Wolfen

Special thanks to our friends at Stomping Grounds for letting us photograph in their store!

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