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Help Son of Adam Troll

Hey guys its Son of Adam again.  I’m sorry that it has been a bit quite recently, but I have been taking a break from 40k for the week after NOVA.  We should start up again soon.

            This is just a quick post to get some feedback.  I am attending a tournament tomorrow and I would like to take a bad list.  I want to troll with a bad list and see if I can win anything with it.  So, with that said, I would like ideas on what to take.

            The tournament is 1750 and I have Guard, Tau, Eldar, Grey Knights, and Dark eldar allies.  I am leaning towards tau.  What should I take?  (Keep in mind I can only run what I have and it has to be painted, so if you suggest something I don’t have I can’t use it, sorry).  I will try to run a bad list and see how how many games I have to play before I get a win.  Sound fun?  Have at fellas.

Son of Adam is featured in the 11th Company Podcast

Hey all, Son of Adam got interviewed in the 11th Company Podcast! Click here to check it out! Fast forward to about 1:36:33  in episode 130 to jump right to the interview!