Help Son of Adam Troll

Hey guys its Son of Adam again.  I’m sorry that it has been a bit quite recently, but I have been taking a break from 40k for the week after NOVA.  We should start up again soon.

            This is just a quick post to get some feedback.  I am attending a tournament tomorrow and I would like to take a bad list.  I want to troll with a bad list and see if I can win anything with it.  So, with that said, I would like ideas on what to take.

            The tournament is 1750 and I have Guard, Tau, Eldar, Grey Knights, and Dark eldar allies.  I am leaning towards tau.  What should I take?  (Keep in mind I can only run what I have and it has to be painted, so if you suggest something I don’t have I can’t use it, sorry).  I will try to run a bad list and see how how many games I have to play before I get a win.  Sound fun?  Have at fellas.

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  1. Go with Tau and Guard with as many light transports as possible.

    • That’s not a bad idea. I could take three devilfish and two chimeras with troops in them. Funny it sounds like what would have been good in 5th.

  2. I can loan you my eldar if you get in touch with me in time. I have all kinds of terrible units that are fully painted 🙂

  3. So I tried out a list tonight and I think that I will be bringing it tomorrow. I won’t give the whole thing here now, but it will be in the tournament review.
    Let it suffice to say that it will have a penal legion squad, ogryns, lots of light transports, kroot, fire warriors, and sniper teams. Everything bad that I could put in is there.
    Wish me luck.

  4. Thats a nice idea 😛

    Sad that i saw it too late…

    Good luck with your ogryns 😉


    • Next time I decide to troll, I will have to make a poll and leave it up for a little bit so we can get more feedback from you guys. This post only went up one day before I went.

  5. I told him that if he really wanted to troll, he should bring Tau w/ Orks and roll with Zogwort. Best trolling HQ in the game! Squig!

  6. I can’t believe you won with that nonsense…

    • There was a lot of luck involved, and some good decision making. One benefit to having a bad army is that your opponent will generally underestimate it. This came in handy in the last mission.

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