Strategy Follow-up: Eldar vs Salamanders

Hey all. You guys asked for a strategy discussion for our battle reports and here is our first go at it. Leave a comment and let us know if this is what you were looking for. In this video I go through how I approached the game and explain the different micro tactics that I used to help give myself the edge. If there was anything else in particular that you were interested in knowing just ask in a comment below and I will try my best to answer.

We have really appreciated all of the great support you guys have already given to us in our very short start-up so far. We are always improving with your advice, so keep it up.

So far we have on the battle report request queue we have: Dark Eldar vs. Grey Knights, Tyranids, and more Grey Knights.

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About Son of Adam

I am a 40k player and have been since the time of third edition. My first love, and presently an unfortunate one at that, is the Tau. In 4th edition I began a modest IG army, and then started a small yet growing Grey Knight trophy army in 5th. In the recent past, I have succumbed to the desire to play Eldar; that same alluring desire of precision in play, and artistic gracefulness of modeling that many 40k players always seem to toy with. I am finding this last army to be very challenging and enjoyable. My involvement with the hobby is as an appreciator of much of the fluff, an admirer and novice in the art of modeling, and an enjoyer of the game.

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  1. Well what to say?

    Thats what i hoped for and more. πŸ˜›
    Really nice vid! Best battle reports online !

    Happily waiting for more. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks man. Your comments are always encouraging. We should be getting another batrep recorded on tuesday for you guys. So expect the vid by the end of the coming week, and another strategy follow-up soon after. I may need to delay the GK vs DE match, as I have to wait to play that guy again.

      On that note, I was thinking about asking everyone here if they wanted to see me play a particular list against a particular opponent. I wouldn’t be able to determine what the opponent brought, but if there was a unit you guys wanted to see played out, or if you wanted to see me play one of your lists I could try that too. Let me know how you feel about that.

  2. Don’t be confused by that Librarian – my Salamanders Libby looks a lot better than my Blood Angels one, so I used him instead.

  3. Heh, I won my first battle yesterday using this strategy. It’s funny how snipers main purpose in battle become to annoy and distract your opponent rather than kill them.

    • That’s great KP. That was the point exactly. Outflanking troops need to be dealt with, but are very mobile. You may find that units that have a strong counter (in this case template weapons) will be targeted by the opponent if they have that counter instinctively, even if it’s not strategically sound.

  4. Yep, I set my snipers up in a ruin in the corner of the board above my deployment corner, which drew my opponent’s crisis suits away from the relic at the center and well into the killing range of my devastators in the forest in my deployment zone corner, which let my infantry take their sweet time walking up to the relic through the forest unhassled. The snipers were also on the only side of the board that had an open route to the relic from my opponent’s deployment zone, so all his fire warriors ran away from the snipers and got stuck in all the difficult terrain on the other side of the board, which made it impossible for him to get his scoring units to the relic in time. I also put my heavy weapons tac squads out in the open on the difficult terrain side of the board which baited my opponent’s broadsides and kept them distracted from my pidling boltgun squad casually rushing the objective.

  5. Hey keep up the good work SoA! I’m trying to spread this site!

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