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Custom Modeling by Eric Dolphin

Hey all, themightysquig here bringing you a spotlight on some really awesome custom models made by Eric Dolphin. Eric is a very talented artist and his skill really shows in these pieces.  I only had  a short time with him, so I apologize for just providing two photos, but we hope to see some more of his stuff in the future. If you want to see what projects Eric is working on now, take a look at his blog: Unto the Anvil of War.

We have a custom sculpted plague marine, a demon prince, and a sorcerer. BIG DADDY! AWWW YEAHHH

Here’s a closeup on that scorcerer.

Special thanks to Showcase Comics for allowing us to photograph in their store!

Have a model you want to share? Email me at with a pic of your favorite model. Tell us how you made it and we’ll show it off on our site! We are glad to link your blog as well, so don’t be afraid to show off!